Going to the gym, we know when we have had a good workout. We feel it, we see it, we are motivated by it - but what about a good brain workout?

Introducing the

Brain Bootcamp

with Neurofit Web

Brain Bootcamp was designed to do just that by providing at-home, accessible resources that make building brain health enjoyable putting care in your hands.

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How It Works

By simply playing, our system learns from you and adapts difficulty according to your unique needs. You can think of it as the FitBit for the Brain. Play each exercise and each time it will be different, setting a goal to accomplish achievement, perform a personal best, or just take your mind off things and enjoy the moment. Receive your own personalized breakdown of performance emailed to you during and upon completing the program.

You will need:

four steps

1. Sign Up

  • Sign up with your choice of program and preferred start date of the bootcamp. (Participants will be admitted to the Neurofit Web system every Monday.)
  • We will send you a confirmation email with your login information in 24 hours once you’re accepted into the bootcamp.

2. Train

Complete exercises and achievement goals

3. Reflect

Receive your cognitive profile and performance reports on memory, attention and processing biweekly. (Brain Blitz participants will receive their reports at the end of the week)

4. Enjoy

After you completed the bootcamp, you will:

  • Receive measurable feedback on your brain health and wellness.
  • Support a great cause and the people in need through your participation
  • Help your care provider get an organizational-wide 15% off Neurofit products for 3 months*

To continue your Neurofit journey, promotional discount may be shared with and redeemable toward eligible care providers upon completion of the Brain Bootcamp. Please contact us for more details.

Did you know?

Study suggested that 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, on cognitive training activities can lead to improvement in speed of processing, short-term memory, working memory, problem-solving, and fluid reasoning assessments.

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The Programs

brain boost full early bird

Brain Boost: The marathon for the mind

This program provides you ongoing training exercises dedicated to improve brain health and wellness. Using a 4 x 4 framework, you will exercise 4 days a week for 4 weeks challenging the way you think to boost brain functioning.

brain blitz full regular

Brain Blitz: A sprint for your cerebrum

This program is designed to keep exercises focused and brief. Within 7 days, you will exercise various areas of your brain to build better brain health and functioning.

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