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Cost-effective solution that assists in analyzing patient cognitive abilities, and engages patients in the rehabilitation process -- both on-site and remote.



Proprietary adaptive learning system to personalize exercises according to your unique needs and abilities getting you to your daily life faster and happier.


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Our product provides a full suite assessment that helps individualize rehabilitation to meet each person's unique needs in recovery. We provide scientifically supported, data-driven cognitive exercises to showcase patient recovery in seconds, with deeper insights into their recovery progress.

Three therapeutic exercise categories are offered in Neurofit:  Attention,  Processing, and  Memory.

Neurofit VR

Neurofit VR  Neurofit VR provides a full immersive rehabilitation experience designed to build brain health and wellness.

neurofit web

Neurofit Web  Neurofit Web provides accessible care available anytime, anywhere directly from your browser.

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Recovery journeys might be long, but they do not have to be boring.
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    Human-centered care

    We recognize that mental health has a direct effect on patient rehabilitation outcomes. This is why we have an engaging environment that encourages and promotes positive mood in patients.

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    Data-driven insights

    The recovery process for patients can feel long and arduous. This is why we provide the therapist with data driven insights on patient progress that enable a smoother and faster road to recovery for the patient.

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    Remote and on-site care

    Healthcare professionals are very busy. Adapting to a more blended approach in offering care, we are now able to help you thrive. We enable the therapist to help the patient engage with their therapy anywhere and everywhere. This provides the best care possible because the journey to recovery can be monitored 24/7 anywhere and everywhere the patient is.

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Traditional Therapy

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    Result-driven care

    In healthcare, results matter. With therapy, results are only as good as the tools we use. This is why we work together with the traditional therapy methods to enhance rehabilitation outcomes; getting everyone further and faster along the road to recovery together.

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    Tracking individual progress

    We know that traditional methods are important in tracking patient progress. This is why we work alongside those methods to provide the best quality of care.

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    On-site care

    We understand that on-site care is a vital component of health care. This is why we complement this existing methodology with our virtual and web-browser tools.

And no, we are not here to take your job. We are here to  complement your expertise.

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